New Horizons for the Student Council

by McKenna Burchett

MARCH 2020 – A new set of by-laws has been put into place for the student council here at Bio-Med Science Academy. These rules outline the expectations for each member, as well as offering a complete overhaul of the system of electors. Before, each grade had four elected representatives, and the senior representatives acted as president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Now, anyone 9th grade and up can join as a general member, and those who have been in the council for at least a year can run for the four office positions. However, a senior must be the president, as they give a speech at graduation.

 “I didn’t like that as a representative you didn’t get to be as involved, so I think it’s cool that they’re opening up those office positions to underclassmen,” said junior Katherine Huntley, a long time member. “I’m just happy that we’re finally implementing rules to follow because we’ve had a lot of issues in the past.”

Due to this year’s strenuous circumstances, an election was not held for the office positions . Instead, the junior representatives from last year moved directly into place. For new members, there is going to be a formal process of application with a deadline. To join now, simply contact Mrs. Brook or Ms. Varner. 

New updates to the Student Council policy open up opportunities for underclassmen.

However, why were adjustments made at this point? Varner, one of the administrators, offered some insight on this.

“The system needed adjusted. I think with the way the year had been rolling with Covid and online students and our meetings having to accommodate both, it was just easier to have the bylaws written out so we could hold members accountable for attendance purposes. Last year with the representatives, we lost people throughout the year. So I think it was a lot easier to manage our club with the president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. More or less we were trying to do something different because last year it didn’t work.”

New members have also offered their opinions on the new by laws. “I haven’t done much, I joined late,” Logan Cook, a new member of the council commented. “But I can definitely tell it’s very organized and they have a lot of big ideas.” Overall, members of the council are pleased with this change and are excited to move forward. Here is the full list of by-laws.

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