View from new wing which contains classrooms for grades 7-8. By Owen Baird.

by McKenna Burchett

OCTOBER 2020 — The Bio-Med Science Academy Rootstown Campus now features a new addition. This new building, dubbed the “Contemporary Wing,”  includes classrooms for grades 7-12, common spaces, IT rooms, and a cafeteria, all spread across the three floors. Students and teachers both enjoy the large space, the decor, and of course, the slide that stretches between the third and fourth floors. 

Students say they find this change to be exciting. They say they are adjusting well to the new environment and classmates, though some of the younger students say they’re a little intimidated by the older ones. The layout of the classroom is such that students don’t need to walk too far to get to their next class. This makes navigating the large space far less intimidating, sophomore Mady Hunter reports. Freshman Irene Scherer compares the transition to be similar to that of switching from the Shalersville Campus to the Rootstown Campus, as she’s wandering around a new building with her friends. The teachers enjoy the new space and the ability to have their own classrooms. They enjoy the potential for collaboration provided by the Contemporary Wing.

The idea for an extension to the Rootstown Campus originated four years ago from the desire for more space. 

“We were out of room,” says Stephanie Lammlein, chief administrative officer and superintendent of Bio-Med. “We needed more room, we needed more class space, we needed larger lab space, larger commons, [and] collaborative space to allow our programs to grow.” 

She described the aesthetics of the building to be “industrial rural,” incorporating the small town aspect of the county and the cutting-edge future the school is trying to build. The layout of the classrooms specifically were designed to facilitate collaboration, with room for larger gatherings (when safe.) The Bio-Med space sits atop land owned by Neo-Med, and the building itself is a combined partnership paid for using OFCC (Ohio Facilities Construction Commission) money. Moving forward, a few classrooms in the Vintage Wing still need to be painted white, as well as some designs on the walls of the Contemporary wing. Right now, the administration is happy with where it stands, and no further expansion plans are yet in the works.

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