Elizabeth Morisak (left) poses on the field with friend Kassidy Hirst.

By Christian Watkins, contributor

To explore the diverse and interesting lives of Bio-med students outside of school and highlight the talents and skills of our peers, The Hive will spotlight athletes throughout the year. Elizabeth Morisak agreed to share her time and talk about her time as a goalie with the Streetsboro’s soccer team and the different experiences and favorite memories in her career so far. 

Q: Why/how did you start playing soccer?

A: I played soccer when I was in elementary school for three years (Shepherdstown Elementary in WV) and I hated it; I hated every single second of it because my parents forced me to do it, and then I quit. Then I moved to Ohio, and after the move when I was in middle school, I decided to run track in 8th grade because I still wanted to be active, you know? And then someone suggested that I should play high school soccer and I thought, “Well, I played in elementary school so why not give it a shot?” And then I fell in love with it again.

Q: What do you enjoy most about playing soccer?

A: I enjoy being a team with everybody, and I also just enjoy playing and the feeling I get after having a good game and just feeling good about my skills and improving my skills.

Q: Did coming to Biomed make playing any harder?

A: Yes, it made like every single possible scheduling conflict that could ever exist happen. But what helps is my coach was a teacher here so he understands the schedule and is flexible with it because he gets it. 

Q: Have you made a lot of new friends because you play soccer?

A: No. Well I mean a couple, but not a lot. I have a couple of girls on my team in my grade that I’m really close with, and then I’m close with a couple of the other girls but not with all of them. And I also don’t see them any time other than soccer so that doesn’t help. But I can tell that if I went to Streetsboro and played for Streetsboro, then I would probably be a lot closer with more of them.

Q: What is one of your favorite memoriesof your time playing?

A: My favorite memories are during our most recent season, we won our PTCs for the first time in Streetsboro’s history. And that night was really awesome because, well, first of all it was raining, like pouring. It was like forty degrees and it was awful out. But then we won and nobody cared that it was cold and rainy; nobody in the audience was upset about it because we won something that was like, substantial for the school and we all went out for dinner afterward and that was a lot of fun. My worst memory is probably all of the nights that I would play really bad and then go home and cry because I played so bad, just all of that like collectively.

Q: Is this something you are considering making a career out of?

A: It’s just a high school thing; I’m not thinking about playing in college just because it’s not that big of a priority for me, but it’s a lot of fun for now.

Q: What has been your biggest take away of your time playing soccer?

A:  That sometimes the competition is not the fun part. Sometimes having fun does not involve the competition, and sometimes the competition just makes it worse. I think it’s so much more fun when the score doesn’t matter and you just get to play; it’s so much more fun that way.

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