By Evelyn Berry

There are nineteen clubs at Bio-Med Science Academy, and each offers a unique aspect of the Bio-Med experience. Of these nineteen clubs, there are five competitive clubs, four committees, three educational groups, and seven leisure clubs. 

The competitive teams in Bio-Med offer students the chance to compete both locally and across the country. 

Cyber Patriots (Monday with Wolfe) is a nationally recognized organization that gives students the opportunity to learn about hacking and the weakness in computer systems. 

Quiz Bowl (Tuesday with Hisey) is a competitive team that quizzes the players on a variety of subjects. This promotes learning new topics and practice one they may already know. 

Science Olympiad (Thursday with Mino) is the largest competition team within Bio-Med. It offers students in all areas of scientific interest an opportunity to learn new things in their areas and demonstrate those skills in a variety of challenges, tests, and competitions. 

The newest competitive club at Bio-Med is the E-Sports Club (Friday with Mr. Wolfe). This club offers students a chance to connect with not only the Bio-Med community, but also with the gaming community at large and find new experiences, as well as earning scholarships. 

Robotics (Thusdays with O’Mara) presents students with the opportunity to design, create, and program a robot. It offers students a chance not only to work on the robot but also to learn valuable collaboration and problem solving skills. Each of Bio-Med’s unique competition clubs give students opportunities for growth in subjects and as a person along with showing them a fun and dynamic experience. 

Committees offer students a chance to impact the world around them. Whether it is putting up posters in the school or raising money for cancer, the committees of Bio-Med offer students the chance to make a difference. 

Student Council (Friday with Brook) provides students with a strong voice in the school, not only in the form of party planning, but also as the voice of the student body to the administration. This group allows student voices to be heard and respected by those in positions of greater power. 

One of the largest committees Bio-Med possesses is the National Honors Society (Wednesday with Varner) (NHS), an organization devoted to volunteer work. NHS gives students the chance to join a nationally recognized program to boost students’ volunteer hours, scholarship opportunities, and prompt them to help their communities. 

Relay For Life (Tuesday with Rickle) is one of the largest clubs Bio-Med provides, and as such is one of the most active. Relay for Life holds annual fundraisers and events in order to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This committee offers students a chance to help the larger world in a tangible way. 

The newly founded Positivity Committee (Tuesday with King) is devoted to making a difference in the school by encouraging students to look on the brighter side of life. Its members are determined to cheer people up with posters and signs reminding students they are not alone and by providing a safe space for students to come and enjoy themselves. All of the Bio-Med committees want to change the world, whether it be in the school or out in the wider world they all have the common goal of spreading love and hope. 

While students are taught a great deal through our classes, some students want to delve deeper into the content than the curriculum has time for. In those cases, students have stepped up to create two educational groups: The Computer Science Club, Dynamic Darlings, and Feminist Club. 

Computer Science Club (Tuesday with Wolfe) offers students with an interest in technology the opportunity to go in-depth into topics they feel curious about. 

Dynamic Darlings (Thursday in The Quiet Commons) is a group of female students who get together to further the education of young women. The final project of the group is to plan a six week course to educate elementary girls on the struggles they will face growing up and how to combat them. 

Feminist Club (Wednesday with Bates) was started in order to provide students a space to discuss different issues facing woman. The club’s  goal is both educational as well as community outreach.. Both of these groups promise to inform and empower students in the subjects that matter to them in daily life, as well as give them a safe place to ask questions and have thoughtful discussions.  

Each of the leisure clubs at Bio-Med provides a fun and carefree atmosphere in which students can enjoy the company of others interested in the same activities. 

Ski Club (Saturdays at Brandywine with Aronhalt) brings together students with love for skiing as they meet at Brandywine Creek. This community allows students to see old friends and make new ones while racing down the slopes. 

The newly instated Photography Club (with Case) presents students with the opportunity to meet other people with a passion for pictures. Students can come to get advice or to just have fun and take pictures. 

Social Club (Thursday with McDonald) is the new branding for the combination of Film and Games Club. This is a club for students who have a free Thursday afternoon to come hang out, play cards, or help to make short films. 

The Gay Straight Alliance (Wednesday with Ullinger) offers students the chance to conect with the LGBTQ+ community in the school and get to know others who relate to their struggle.

The newly revamped Art Club (Friday in the quiet studies) is a space for artistically inclined students to gather and learn. Along with the activities provided by the president, members may also join the National Art Honors Society a nationally recognized organization. 

Music Club (Fridays with Martell) is an outlet for students who wish to play music. Every Friday, students can gather and play music with their peers. 

Last but certainly not least is the Bio-Med Drama Club (TBD by Mihalik). This club will tackle a new host of plays, allowing students to act, direct, and handle backstage work. 

From the arts and humanities to STEM and athletics, Bio-Med has a club for any student to join. Each club offers its own unique experience and atmosphere for students to learn, have fun, and enjoy.  Every year students create new clubs, it is an ever shifting landscape. If students look close enough they can find the place they belong.   

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